About Us

AJ Freight Systems exists for one reason: to ensure our clients’ freight is delivered intact and on time—every time. We provide delivery throughout the 48 states of America, and dedicated dry van, reefer transportation and logistical services to meet our customers specific needs.


»TL Transportation

AJ Freight is an asset-based trucking company providing Long Haul and Regional Dry freight and Temperature Controlled services. AJ Freight Systems takes great pride in providing our customers with efficient and effective service throughout our entire organization.

Our TL transportation service includes the following:


* Transportation Long Haul and Regional service

* A wealth of industry experience

* Consistent on-time service

* Late-Model Truck and Trailer Equipment

* Competitive rates

* Team, solo, and local service

To ensure product integrity, every refrigerated AJ Freight Systems trailer is equipped with a Refrigeration Unit that maintains a stable, temperature-controlled environment between -20F and 70 F, no matter what time of year your freight is shipped.


»LTL Transportation

AJ Freight Systems also offers LTL service at a highly competitive rate. To ensure quality LTL shipment, all AJ LTL shipments are equipped with bulkhead equipment, which give shippers the confidence to ship multiple products within the same trailer, even if each product has separate requirements.


»Our Mission

Since our beginnings, customers requiring Dry Van and Reefer services have experienced something different in the transportation industry – a carrier who cares about relationships, on-time pickups and deliveries, competitive rates and safety – AJ Freight Systems. From its humble beginning in the Chicago region AJ Freight Systems has remained true to its fundamentals – Relationships, Employees and Profitability.

To establish and foster lasting relationships with our customers by providing quality-driven, competitively priced, value-added service.

To provide our employees with financial security and career opportunities.


»Our Vision

We will be a company that operates the safest fleet on the road; that recruits and retains people of the highest caliber for every position and provides them with opportunities for growth, learning, and advancement; and we will grow and develop our customer base to be their provider of choice at all times while earning a reasonable return for our share and stakeholders.

At AJ Freight Systems we are guided by principles that are consistent at all times with our Mission and Vision. We believe that good communication with our customers is essential to our success and we do everything we can to succeed…everyday. Give us a call, we’ll treat you the way you want to be treated.

AJ Freight Systems services all shipments from truckload to LTL freight. We have I.C.C. authority to haul general commodities throughout the 48 states of the US. Insurance certificates will be furnished upon our customers request.

Based upon our knowledge of the Trucking Industry, and our desire to serve our customers, we can provide a service that will be beneficial to you by providing trucks to move your product when needed and where needed.